2015 finish-along: Q1 goals

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly thinking of things I want to make. And I love starting new projects. But finishing them? That’s a different story… My little pile of WIPs and UFOs has gone from manageable to almost comical. (They sure are pretty though, aren’t they?)

muchoxoxo 2015 finish-along Q1

So… I’m adding a new rule to my list– No starting a new project until I finish an old one. Should be easy enough, right? Right???

That’s why I’m excited to be joining in on the 2015 Finish-Along, hosted by the fabulous Adrianne of On the Windy Side. I could definitely use a little push to get my WIPs done and clear my mind (and sewing table) for new projects!


OK, deep breath… Here’s my list of proposed Q1 finishes:

  1. high tea quilt – top is finished, need to make backing, quilt & bind.
  2. orange peel quilt – peels done, need to finalize layout, quilt, etc.
  3. washi bag – pattern cut, fabric picked, just need hardware.
  4. secret quit #1 – top is finished, need to make backing, quilt & bind.
  5. secret quilt #2 – need to finish top, make backing, quilt & bind.
  6. secret quilt #3 – pieces cut, have a vision, now just to make it.
  7. secret quilt #4 – have fabric and pattern, just need to cut and go!
  8. charity quilt – top is finished, need to make backing, quit & bind.
  9. secret baby gift #1– fabric cut, need to assemble.
  10. secret baby gift #2 – pieces mostly cut, need to assemble.
  11. cotton + steel quilt for me! – have fabric & pattern, time to sew :)
  12. improv quilt– top almost done(?), need to make backing, quilt & bind.
  13. super tote – pattern cut, fabric picked & prepped, time to make it!
  14. zippy top for me! – have pattern and fabric, just need a zipper.

As you can see, there’s a lot of top secret sewing happening these days, hence the lack of specifics. Although I did leave a few clues in the picture… So many gifts, so little time! I also made sure to include some personal projects, and I’m going to do my best not to demote them to last priority.

Do you have a pile of half-finished projects that are just begging to be completed? Why not join in! More info on the finish-along and how to get involved can be found here.

I’ll be sharing my projects as I finish them. And in the meantime, hop on over to On the Windy Side to check out everyone’s proposed finishes. You can also follow along on Instagram by searching #fal2015.

have a great week!