kid’s clothes week: harem pants

I’m not sure how I feel about harem pants on adults, but they’re pretty cute on the littles. I knew I wanted to make some pants for my nephew and this seemed like a fun option.

harem pants by mucho xoxo

This pattern is from suburbia soup, and it’s just great! It has a few options to play with, which is always fun. After making the pocket version, I’m thinking I have to do the basic version too!

I chose one of my coveted Jay McCarroll fabrics for this because, well, it’s awesome! It has a graffiti-esque quality that I love, but it also feels somehow tribal. Perfect for the little dude man!

harem pant pockets by mucho xoxo

I was a bit unprepared for how much fabric this pattern takes, and I had to make a slight modification to the back by making it two pieces instead of one (just add the seam allowance to the center cuts). But it’s hardly noticeable with this print, yay!

harem pants back by mucho xoxo

I can’t wait to see how these fit the boy. More pictures to come, hopefully :)

***UPDATE***  If you follow Suburbia Soup, you might be wondering where the blog went… I managed to contact Venus and she let me know that her site isn’t gone, just moved. She’s still working out the kinks, but doesn’t have any plans to stop (hooray for that!). I’ve updated the link above, or just click here to stop by. And spread the word, she needs help letting people know she’s moved!  :)