bubble pocket skirt

I’ve had bubble pockets on the brain lately. So I finally decided to do something about it. And just in time for Kids Clothes Week!

bubble pocket skirt

I decided to make my own pattern for this, and I definitely tried a few things before I figured out what I was doing. All in all, I think it turned out pretty well. Hopefully the recipient likes it as much as I do!

bubble pocket skirt

Btw, how cute is this fabric from Erin McMorris? I’m kind of obsessed with it right now. I’m sure it’ll find its way into some other projects. I’m thinking, maybe the lining of an iPad case…?

bubble pocket skirt

I couldn’t resist making the trim out of the “talk talk” fabric that I used for the pockets.

bubble pocket skirt

These roomy, gathered pockets are perfect for stashing toys, seashells or little love notes.

test patterns

A few of my test runs before I jumped in for real (good, bad and ugly). I’m really glad I did this. I’ve never made my own pattern, so this was a fun experiment for me. Also incredibly helpful to see how my sketch, and assumptions (some of which were surprisingly wrong), translated to the real thing.

Next stop on the bubble pocket train… A bubble pocket maxi skirt for me!


7 thoughts on “bubble pocket skirt

  1. I am so inlove with this! My daughter is short obsessed AND pocket obsessed lol. Can I please buy the pattern to make her one? Where do I find a link to buy?

      • Hi there Hayley! So glad you like the skirt! Unfortunately, as of now I don’t have a pattern available for sale. I’m planning on writing up a tutorial for it though, hopefully soon! :)

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