robot summer shorts

So, Summer Kid’s Clothes Week has come and gone… I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, as I was knee-deep in the Sea Breeze Mini QAL. But I did find time to make a few things that I’m happy with. First up, this fun pair of robot summer shorts!


I used the free Summer Shorts pattern from Caila Made, found here. This is a great unisex shorts pattern, and a quick and easy project. And I’m loving this playful FunBots print from Ann Kelle.

The only thing I did differently from the directions was to reinforce the seams for added durability. Made By Rae has some fantastic tips on sewing seams that are built to last.


Seeing as these are for my very active 2-year-old nephew, reinforced seams seemed like a good idea. Not to mention, no raw edges to fray with repeated washings. Definitely worth the extra effort.


I also added a bit of grosgrain ribbon to help identify the back from front :)


Can’t wait to show you what else I made, just have to wait for it to get to the recipient so I don’t spoil the surprise!


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